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The Law Office of Vratislav Pechota, Jr. can answer all of your questions on how to establish yourself or your business in the United States.

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What Our Firm Offers

We provide advance consultations to prevent legal and practical complications. If there already are legal difficulties, our office is able to advise the best remedy possible and to take on the representation in immigration, inheritance, business, incorporation, contract and other matters.

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Firm Profile

Vratislav Pechota, Jr., Esq. practices before the DHS - CIS (formerly Immigration & Naturalization Service, INS), Department of State, other agencies and represents clients before immigration (EOIR) and other courts. There are also associate attorneys in the U.S. and abroad available to as co-counsels.

Mr. Pechota is a member of New York and New Jersey bars with an office in New York City.

Past clients received solid, dependable, and valuable service, and thus they recommend the law office to their friends and relatives.

Mr. Pechota is a graduate of Rutgers School of Law, and is a member of bar since 1991. He is an experienced lawyer who has worked cumulatively for over 17 years in the field for his own private law firm as well as for the federal government, state government and the federal judiciary. Mr. Pechota represents clients throughout the Metropolitan area of New York and New Jersey and travels to other locations nationally.

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Contact Information

Telephone: (212) 268-4969
FAX: (212)  
Postal address: 14 Penn Plaza, 225 West 34th Street
                               Suite #1800
                               New York, New York 10122, U.S.A.
Electronic mail
General Information: Vrat_Pechota@prodigy.net
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